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Co-Founder at Lytechx Digital Pvt. Ltd. with 3 Saas Products, $50000+ Digital Marketing Ad Campaigns Experienc

About US

A professional developer converted into an entrepreneur due to hardcore positive and goal-oriented mindset to deliver some quality software, web and mobile-based solution for real-life problems, meanwhile, I also explored the Digital Marketing field too and also practiced the same for the self and monitored many advertisement campaigns which include some fat marketing job or more than $50000+ for a single web-based online selling portal.

In this journey, to date, I explored so many common problems from which I worked for some problems and turned the solution into some classy products which are being used by thousands of users around the globe.

– eStore Alert – A Solution for WooCommerce Backend for Android Users (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.woo.estorealert)

– SocialVoty – Easy Beautiful Elegant Notification Solution for websites (https://socialvoty.com)

– Delete All Comments – A WordPress plugin to delete all the comments in just one click (https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/navneet+soni)

Still looking for what more I am doing, check out my updates via https://navneetsoni.com

Feel free to reach me out for any kind of solution.